IndiaHealthMantra is an idea of Sagar Sharma(A IndiaHealthMantra Author & Fitness blogger) to communicate with you with uncomplicated, understandable, and actionable knowledge on weight loss exercises and nutrition.

IndiaHealthMantra is about keeping you inspired and assured of the exciting and righteous understanding of weight loss exercise, weight loss nutrition, and enlightenment on muscle-building.

About Sagar Sharma – Fitness Blogger

I am Sagar Sharma, a fitness buff and an enthusiast fitness admirer. I have been residing in Vadodara, India. 

When I was at an early age, around 18, my dad took me to the gym(that gym instructor is my dad’s confidant friend, that is why he took me to him).

So I started going to the gym at the age of 18, and now I am 29. 

At first, “I wasn’t a big fan of the gym. But when time goes on and on, I felt like being fit is part of healthy living, and healthy life comes from healthy eating and a consistent workout“.

How I start my Fitness Blogging career

Being a digital marketer, I have favoured being a fitness blogger. I felt very flattered that I could illuminate my weight loss(transformation) adventure and share weight-loss blogs related to exercises, nutrition, and muscle building.

I can write, and the blogging community helped me share my wisdom on weight loss and assist me to be with my confidant readers and communicate by writing.

Let’s get in touch and build up fitness, fam!