6 Best Things You Should Do Before Workout | Gain Strength and Muscle

Six things you should do before a workout by which your performance and efficiency of workout will increase Because if you’ll go gym without preparation.

Then you won’t be able to perform the workout correctly; then you will complain that you’re not getting desired results. That’s why I suggest you all follow the instructions in this post before a workout. You’ll get benefited to a huge extent.

Best Things You Should Do Before Workout

1. Beetroot Juice

Beetroot Juice
Beetroot Juice

The first thing that I recommend to you before the workout is to have beetroot juice. Beetroot is an athletic nutritional powerhouse. You’ll get vitamin C antioxidants in it. Still, beetroot is helpful in the workout because you get a sufficient amount of nitrate, and beetroot increases the level of nitric oxide in your body.

Because of this, blood vessels in your body dilate, Blood flow increases, and muscles get a better oxygen supply. Nitric oxide improves lung function and strengthens muscle contraction. Because of all this, your athletic performance will improve, and you can perform the workout efficiently for a long time. You can achieve your fitness goal quickly.

Consume beetroot juice half an hour before exercise; if you can’t drink juice, you can eat one.

2. Warm Up

Warm Up
Warm Up

Warm Up is a second important thing you should remember before a workout. Many people do not warm up before exercise, which is very important Because if you don’t warm up properly before the workout, there will be an unnecessary strain on your muscles and bones. The chances of injury will increase.

If you warm up properly, your body will get ready for an intense workout session because the body’s temperature will increase, blood flow will increase, your range of motion will increase, and your flexibility will also improve. Because of all this, your muscle performance will improve.

Which type of warm-up should be done? Many people perform static stretching before a workout. This means when they hold muscles after stretching for 20-30 seconds. You don’t have to do this. If you want to do static stretching, do it after the workout, but you can do cycling, treadmill, and cross trainer for 5-10 minutes at a slow speed.

Else you can do dynamic movements like neck rotation, arm rotation, knee to chest, etc. You have to remember that don’t overdo things. This means warming up only a little, so you get tired before a workout. My suggestion is, along with warm-up, whichever muscle group you’re going to train, please do two sets for it with lightweight So next time, don’t work out without warming up; if you think you want to have a proper workout, you want desired outcomes.

3. Carbs and Protein

Carbs and Protein
Carbs and Protein

The third thing you should do before a workout is to carbs and Protein to your pre-workout meal. Good nutrition should be taken throughout the day.

But if you consume a combination of Protein and carbs before a workout, then your exercise performance increases and muscle damage reduces. Carbohydrate is fuel for your body which provides you with energy. That’s why you should consume the proper amount of carbohydrates before exercise. Just ensure that you choose complex carbohydrates.

There are many options, but if I have to suggest one option, then it’s oats; if you only have a little time before a workout, you can consume fast digestive carbs like bananas, potatoes, rice, etc.

Along with carbohydrates, Protein is also essential before the workout because it improves your anabolic response and muscle performance, and your recovery will improve. It’s proven in studies that when you consume a combination of carbohydrates and proteins before the workout So, muscle protein synthesis will also improve. So please consume carbohydrates and proteins in a 3:1 ratio next time before exercise, But you’ve to remember that you don’t have to consume fats before a workout because fat slow downs the absorption of nutrients.

4. Give enough time for food to digest

It would help if you remembered to Give yourself enough time for food to digest before a workout. Enough means you should keep at least 2 hours gap between pre-workout meals and workout. What mistakes do people make? They go gym immediately after having food. Because of this, they are unable to exercise properly.

If you don’t keep a break between the pre-workout meal and workout, Then food will not digest properly, and you will feel a lack of energy during the workout. The food will not digest properly because, for digestion, blood flow should be proper around your stomach area, and during the workout, blood flow should be towards your working muscles.

If you have not given a proper gap, neither your digestive system has good blood flow nor your working muscles. Because of this, food will need to be adequately digested. Since working muscles don’t get proper blood flow, their performance will also degrade. Even you can feel uneasiness during the workout, and you may vomit.

So next time, keep at least a gap of 2 hours between your pre-workout meal and workout. One point for banana fans who go to the gym while eating bananas is to keep at least 45 minutes gap in case of such lite snacking meals too.

5. Black coffee

Black coffee
Black coffee

My fifth recommendation is to Have black coffee before a workout Coffee contains caffeine, improving alertness and concentration. Caffeine provides you with energy and improves your performance during exercise.

So if you consume coffee before 25-30 minutes of workout, Then it will be really good Studies proved that if before the workout, 2-6mg per kg of body weight caffeine is consumed, Then the effectiveness of exercise increases. An average cup of coffee contains 80-100mg of caffeine, So please consume according to your body weight. Just ensure you don’t consume coffee in excess because it can upset your stomach and affect your sleep, and always consume black coffee.

6. Have a clear plan

The sixth and most important suggestion that I would give is to have a clear plan before a workout. It’s for those who need to learn the purpose of going to the gym. The purpose may be muscle building, weight loss, or general fitness.

First, decide your goal, and you should have a clear plan for the goal, which exercise to do and how much to do. By doing this, you would be able to escape both undertraining and overtraining, and you would be able to achieve your goals by breaking them down and would develop the habit of consistent workouts.

Along with it, you should also record your activity means how many repetitions and sets you did with how much weight So that you can discover after two weeks whether progress is happening and can make changes accordingly. That’s why I want to ask you all that you should have a proper plan before the workout.

You have to implement several small things. It could be diet, workout, or other things mentioned in this post which you can implement and achieve your goal.

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