Does Eating Rice Everyday Make You Gain or Lose Weight?

Many people around the world eat rice every day. Whether eating rice every day leads to an increase in weight or not depends on the variety of rice and the quantity that it is consumed. Today, we will discuss these two aspects.

First, which is the best variety of rice for weight management? All over the world, people generally eat rice. Rice white rice is not only easy to cook but also easy to eat and has a longer shelf life.

There are many different types of rice, each with its own unique flavor, texture, and cooking characteristics. Some of the most common types of rice include:

Rice TypeCharacteristicsUses
White RiceMild flavor, fluffy texture, separate grainsBase for other dishes, stir-fries, salads, and soups
Brown RiceNutty flavor, chewy texture, high in fiber and vitaminsWhole grain dishes, salads, and grain bowls
Basmati RiceDelicate flavor, fragrant aroma, long grains that remain separateIndian and Middle Eastern dishes, rice pilaf, and biryani
Arborio RiceCreamy consistency, short grains, high starch contentRisotto, paella, and creamy rice dishes
Sushi RiceSticky texture, short grainsSushi and other Japanese dishes
Jasmine RiceLight, fluffy texture, sweet fragrance, long grainsSoutheast Asian dishes, stir-fries, and rice pilaf
Black RiceNutty flavor, blackish-purple color, high in antioxidantsSalads, grain bowls, and Asian desserts
Red RiceReddish-brown color, slightly nutty flavor, high in fiber and antioxidantsSalads, grain bowls, and as a side dish
Glutinous RiceSticky texture, short grains, also known as “sticky rice”Asian desserts and savory dishes, such as mochi and dumplings
Different Types of Rice

Is eating rice good or bad for health?

Unfortunately, the brand and the germs, the most nutritious parts of the rice grains, are removed from the white rice by polishing completely. Regarding nutrition, brown rice or red rice is better than white rice because they have intact whole grains.

Brown rice has more fiber, vitamins, and minerals and is also suitable for those suffering from diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. It improves digestion and lowers cholesterol. Eating brown rice may support weight management because the fibers make one feel full and eat less.

Red rice also has antioxidants and is suitable for weight management. So you see from the varieties of rice available that brown and red rice are much more nutritious than white rice. Most of us know that food with high fiber content promotes the feeling of fullness.

Indirectly support weight management. Now, let us look at the second aspect of how much rice to eat daily for weight loss. Experts say that for every gram of carbohydrates, our body retains about 3 grams of water to store the fuel source.

So whenever you eat a very high carbohydrate food, your body weight is likely to increase because of the water weight and not the increased fat. Rice does not directly cause weight gain if you eat a sensible serving of rice daily.

But if you eat plenty of rice on large plates or bowls, you may increase your calorie. Dick, without even realizing it, a cup of rice contains 200 calories and is also a good source of carbohydrates.

A healthy person can have one cup of rice, proteins, and vegetables for a balanced diet. As you know that in India and other Asian countries, rice is a staple food. If rice is eaten in moderation, along with a well-balanced diet, it will never cause weight gain.

On the other hand, if one overeats rice with a less nutritious diet, it may increase in weight. So you see, everything depends on the serving size and what kind of food you eat along with the rice.

Well, now, we have looked at these two aspects of which rice to consume and how much. You have to become more aware of when you will be eating rice. It is not necessary to completely remove rice from your diet.

If you are overweight, whichever variety of rice you choose to use, try to eat fewer portions and use healthy cooking methods apart from your diet. Be mindful of your lifestyle choices. Focus on areas where change is required and energize yourself to make those changes.

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